Why should your child go to preschool?

preschool child
“A preschool is a fun place to be.”

There are many benefits for children and families to be gained from preschool.

A preschool experience:

  • empowers children to think, explore, question, wonder and learn how to learn;
  • supports children’s intellectual and language development  and communication skills;
  • offers children consistent, experienced, qualified educators to support their learning and development;
  • improves children’s ability to think, problem solve and reason as they enter school, enabling them to learn more in the early grades;
  • develops social and emotional maturity and the ability to relate well to peers and adults, solve conflicts, play co-operatively and be assertive;
  • provides a solid platform for life-long learning and education;
  • guides children to gain independence, self esteem and self confidence, empowering their learning;
  • helps children have a greater understanding of the world around them;
  • encourages children to be independent learners and to take an active role in their learning;
  • supports children to play co-operatively together and learn from their experiences;
  • enables children and families the opportunity to belong, to be part of a community,  and connect with others.

Preschools are:

  • fun places to be, with varied, exciting experiences planned to meet the needs ad interests of children;
  • a context to build social connections between families and the community;
  • a source of professional information that supports parenting;
  • give lots of opportunities for parent education;
  • a gradual transition from home to more formal educational environments;
  • a warm, caring, friendly environment, led by qualified, experienced and dedicated staff;
  • places that nurture creativity, thinking and social skills, enabling children to develop a love of learning;
  • at the centre of the community;
  • in almost all cases, not for profit, with all income from government funding, fees and fundraising re-invested for the benefit of children.
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