What makes a high quality preschool?

preschool kids and teacher
“Settings which have staff with higher qualifications, especially with a good proportion of trained teachers on the staff, show higher quality.” EPEE Study, UK.

Research tells us that a high quality preschool is a preschool where there are:

  • adult–child interactions which are responsive, affectionate and respectful;
  • highly qualified and experienced professional educators;
  • staff-to-child ratios which allow staff to interact with children;
  • effective intentional curriculum that involves active engagement with children;
  • space for  children to have nurturing and emotionally supportive relationships with early childhood staff;
  • an integration between care and education;
  • promotion of early literacy and math skills;
  • responsiveness  to cultural diversity;
  • high standards of safety and child protection; and
  • an atmosphere that fosters social, emotional and regulatory skills.

… but mostly, a high quality preschool is one where families, children and visitors feel welcome and valued.

NSW preschools are regulated and quality rated by the NSW Department of Education against the National Quality Standard for Education and Care Services.

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